Bénédicte Gaillard


Title of the Dissertation

Conflictive delisting process of a World Heritage Site in Germany: The case of the Dresden Elbe Valley

Supervisor(s):Prof. Eike Albrecht, Prof. Heiderose Kilper


This research focuses on the case of the Dresden Elbe Valley, first World Heritage Site to be de-listed from the World Heritage List against the will of the State Party to the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972). An analysis of the step by step decisions from the inscription to the delisting of this site aims at deconstructing the reasons of the impossibility to find a compromise between the various stakeholders.

Short Bio

Bénédicte Gaillard graduated from the Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po Toulouse), France, and she earned a Master of Arts in Political Science entitled "Political sociology of representations and cultural expertises" in 2009. During the university year 2006/2007 she studied at the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow, Russia, and she did an internship at the French Institute in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, in June 2007. She wrote her Master thesis, with academic defence in May 2008, about the management of cultural heritage in Russia entitled "The Kazan Kremlin, patrimonial object and symbol of the reconstruction of the Tatar identity". In the frame of her Master studies, she did an internship at the UNESCO Moscow Office (Russia), in the Sector for Culture from April to August 2009. Currently, she is preparing a capacity-building proposal in the field of heritage preservation and management to be submitted to the European Commission.