Chang Liu


Title of the Dissertation

From “Feudal Rubbish” to “National Treasure”: Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in China, Case Study on the Sustainable Development of Huanxian Daoqing Shadow Theatre

Supervisor(s): Prof. Marie-Theres Albert, Prof. Klaus Mühlhahn (FU Berlin)


The research examines the safeguarding and sustainability of intangible cultural heritage in Socialist China through an analysis of Daoqing shadow theatre’s experience in Huanxian. It analyzes changes in safeguarding policy and its impact on the local community. The main aim is to construct a theoretical framework based on a socio-historical approach in order to explore the transformation of intangible cultural heritage over the last 60 years.

Short Bio

Chang Liu was born in Beijing, China. She obtained a bachelor degree in Japanese studies from the Capital Pedagogic University before completing her master studies at BTU Cottbus in 2008. Chang lived and studied in China, Japan and Europe. During her studies she did an internship at UNESCO Beijing Office.  She organised the Chinese Taoist Shadow Theatre exhibition and performance at the 10th anniversary of the master programme in World Heritage Studies at BTU Cottbus. Chang is currently a PhD student at IGS Heritage Studies at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, where she developed her dissertation project on intangible heritage in China. She is currently working at the China Academy of Urban Planning where she is implementing programmes for preservation of cultural heritage and safeguarding of intangible heritage in China.