Dissertation Title:

Management and the Use of Sacred Heritage Places in Limestone Cave Areas along the Swahili Coast of Tanzania: A Case of Kuumbi and Amboni Limestone Caves (working title).

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. iur. Eike Albrecht


His thesis focuses on the management and the use of Sacred Heritage Places in Limestone Cave Areas along the Swahili Coast of Tanzania. The project will examine the ritual activities, social structure, community involvement and traditional knowledge systems used by the coastal people in Limestone Cave areas along the Swahili coast of Tanzania. At the end, proposed framework/ guidelines will be developed that will be used to ensure best practices in conservation, use, and management of Sacred Heritage Places in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Short Bio:

Maximilian Chami is a PhD Candidate in Heritage Studies at Brandenburg Technical University (BTU), Germany, with a Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Cultural Heritage from University of Dodoma in 2012. In 2015 he obtained a Master’s Degree in Heritage Management from University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He works with the UNESCO National Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania, as a Culture and Heritage Officer responsible for the implementation of UNESCO’s national projects, advise government in UNESCO-related issues concern cultural heritage properties and strengthen the dialogue between government and civil society. Among his research interests are topics like Heritage Management and Planning, Conflict Management in Heritage Places, Public Archaeology, and Cultural Heritage Tourism.