Dissertation Title:
Reconciliation of Conflicting Interests in the Management of African World Heritage Cultural Landscapes (working title)

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt

This project is investigating the conflicting interests by identifying and analyzing the key factors that contribute to the genesis, escalation and resolution of conflicting situations in African World Heritage Cultural Landscapes. The project will present the interrelationship of these key factors and the role they play in deterring the proper management and development World Heritage sites and the surrounding communities. At the end, a conflict management and resolution model will be developed that will be used in preventing and managing conflicting interests in African World Cultural Landscapes.

Short Bio:Oris Malijani is a PhD Candidate in Heritage Studies at Brandenburg Technical University (BTU), Germany, with a background in Human Geography. He holds a Master’s Degree in Heritage Management from Kent University, United Kingdom. He works with the Malawi Department of Culture, as a Heritage Officer responsible for management and implementation of cultural heritage programmes in areas of cultural and natural heritage research, site conservation, outreach programmes and resource mobilization for heritage projects. Among his research interests are topics like Cultural Landscapes, Heritage Management and Planning, Conflict Management in Heritage Places, Public Archaeology, Urban Heritage, and Cultural Heritage Tourism.