Dissertation Title:
The Cultural Production of Musical Heritage and Identity Formation:
The Case of Xinjiang Uyghur Muqam Music in Socialist China (working title)

Supervisor: Prof. Christer Petersen


Intangible cultural heritage (ICH) as a representative part of national cultural heritage is of particular significance for the construction and maintenance of cultural identity in the context of a dynamic society. The research examines the cultural production process and the function of music as ICH that provides cultural space for identity creation and maintenance, the empirical data is drawn from the case of Uyghur Muqam music in Xinjiang, China.

Short Bio:
Sijin Chen is currently a PhD candidate in Heritage Studies and Applied Media Studies at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus.
She has a background in piano pedagogy and musicology (MA). She was a concert pianist and a piano teacher in Urumqi and Beijing, China, and is still actively engaged in music activities in Cottbus and Berlin.
Her research interests lie in the field of sociology of art, intercultural studies and topics on musical heritage, philosophy of music, music and identity, and music and technology. Her research papers have been presented at several academic conferences in Italy, Hungary and Canada.
Since 2017, she has been elected as the vice-president of the International Association of World Heritage Professionals e.V., which maintains a global alumni network and organises conferences and scientific publications.