Dissertation Title:

Regional Development Planning as Territorial Historic Heritage Reinterpretation: The Venetian Villa Settlement, Italy

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Michael Schmidt

Short Bio:

Valentina Torelli graduated in Architecture from Ferrara University (Italy) with a thesis developing resilient strategies for the buffer zone of the Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaíso in Chile, World Heritage Site. She is co-founder of the Research Unit for Landscapes, at the Ferrara Faculty of Architecture and after qualifying as architect has been working in landscape planning studios in Berlin. She is currently a PhD Candidate in Heritage Studies at BTU and her work regards a rethinking of regional development planning especially in the Italian context thorough as reinterpretation of the historic and territorial heritage. She has been presenting her topic in several international symposia and is currently teaching assistant for the Cultural Landscape Module in the World Heritage Master, BTU Cottbus. Her interest is therefore related to urban and rural heritage, landscape planning and sustainable development and she plans to research further on these topics in the academic field as well as in the planning practice.