Translating good bacteria into tailored, customer-oriented microbial products: Novozymes Berlin GmbH at a glance

Dr. Romy Alisch, Novozymes Berlin GmbH, Berlin, Germany

While some of the more than trillions of bacteria on earth are detrimental to humans, a great proportion has beneficial properties to human health. Those good bacteria support and/or promote our fitness and wellbeing in various ways and are therefore more and more in focus for the development of natural products, such as probiotics, that help to keep us vital and healthy. Where do we find good bacteria? To mention only one example, today we know from increasing scientific data that the human gut microbiome has a significant influence on our wellbeing, and a disbalance between the most dominant gut species has been associated with numerous health issues such as bad breath, digestive problems or gastric disorders. This makes the for long underestimated gut microbial community a high potential pool to hunt for beneficial microbes.

Novozymes Berlin GmbH is specialized in microbial research and development technologies and employs cutting edge science and customer insights to support Novozymes activities in producing tailored biological solutions not only in the human health area, but also for food and beverage as well as animal health industries. Our key competencies cover assay development, screening of natural sources for microbes with potential beneficial/probiotic potential and thereby expanding our unique collection of proprietary microbial cultures as well as process development and process scale up.