Exchange of Student Representatives 2012

Within the Transformation Partnership for Urban Design and Architecture in Historic City Districts it was possible to organise an Exchange of Student Representatives between the Egyptian University of Cairo and the University of Alexandria on the one hand and the German Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus on the other.

The aim was to exchange ideas and points of view on how to involve students into the academic self-government of the universities. Furthermore the Exchange aimed to compare the different ways of organising the communication between architecture and urban planning students in their faculties.

Since the participating universities already work together within the frame of the “Middle East Cooperation”, students from the faculties on the build environment where chosen. The most important criteria besides the language skills in English have been the involvement into student activities, committee-work and the commitment of the students on their universities.

The main focus lay on the work of the representatives. Additionally – in order to create synergies and to deepen the exchange – scientific subjects on the build environment where the topic of collective excursions.

The first Exchange took place in Cottbus. Therefore 4 students from Cairo University and 3 Students from Alexandria University where invited to visit Cottbus. To complete the Exchange, 4 students where in return invited to come to Egypt. The second Exchange was hosted from Alexandria University. In this intensive second part all Exchange Students came together once more, in order to deepen the gained experiences and to complete the comparison of the different systems.

Both Exchanges culminated in a public presentation of the outcomes: In Cottbus within the context of the Joint Research Conference and in Alexandria as opening of the final presentations of the Urban Design Workshop.

Report Exchange of Student Representatives 2012