Joint Urban Design Workshop Cairo "Urban Design in Historic Context" 2012

Case study area: The North-Eastern Edge of Historic Cairo
17th - 26th September, 2012

In Cairo, a mega-city with a population of more than 17 million inhabitants, the topic of the Joint Urban Design Workshop - urban design in historic context - is in correlation with the urbanization and globalization  of  the  whole  inner city. The World Cultural Heritage of Historic Cairo is one important element of this development process. The original structures and the historic monuments and  buildings  must  be  protected  and rehabilitated  to  maintain  the  identity and  the  character  of  the  town. At  the same  time  the  city  must  be  prepared for  the  requirements  of  international competition between cities. World cultural heritage and innovation for future development  are  no  contradictions  in urban planning. In the case study area of  the  North-Eastern  Edge  of  Historic Cairo we will examine a situation where both  poles,  tradition  and  innovation, can fit together in synthesis for sustainable urban development. The needs of the inhabitants, the respect for historic architectur characteristics of the existing  urban  structure,  the  lack  of qualified open space and the challenges of the main streets as barriers to the neighbouring quarters with different urban structures form the basis for study in the workshop.

In Cairo, the building fabric in many historic districts is in a critical state. Social segregation has taken place over decades and the actual state of development planning is often not satisfactory for the protection and revitalization of the historic quarters. There is a great challenge for strategic and conceptual planning for these districts. Today the most important questions are: How to encourage  sustainable  development? How to combine the protection of historic structures and listed buildings with the  challenge  of  innovative  and  vital development  reflecting  economic,  social and cultural affairs?

Report JUDW Cairo 2012