Online Workshop: Images in Academic Publishing – Selection, Editing, and Preparation for Publication

Kursbereich 3: »Wissenschaftliche Methoden«

Target Group

For PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from social sciences, humanities, environmental sciences and heritage studies.


In this workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of using images in scholarly communication – lectures, conference posters, articles in academic journals and other publications – so that you know how to select images, decode a publisher's specifications, and design the visual part of your presentation or publication to look professional.


  • Researching images, rules for the right image selection
  • Planning and workflow
  • Checking and optimising images
  • Conforming to design specifications

After the workshop, you will ...

  • have the criteria to decide on your image selection
  • know how to organise large numbers of images
  • understand the steps involved in working with images
  • know what must be avoided at all costs when using images in publications


Nadine Riedl has studied in Heidelberg and Berlin and holds a doctorate in Classical Archaeology from the Freie Universität Berlin.

After completing her master’s degree, she worked for several years at the German Protestant Institute of Archaeology (GPIA) in Amman, Jordan, where she participated in numerous excavations and surveys of the German Archaeological Institute. Back in Germany and after two years of Museum work – resulting in a large exhibition on the history and archaeology of Jordan – she began to focus on one of her favourite activities: editing academic works and taking care of the entire publication process.

As a freelancer and a long-term managing editor at the Excellence Cluster Topoi, she has handled numerous works in the humanities, and social sciences from the manuscript phase to publication, including PhD theses and multi-author volumes, and is therefore well versed in overcoming the challenges associated with publishing.

With Publiversum (, Nadine Riedl combines her two professional roles as a publishing instructor and editorial professional. Her publishing workshops are particularly suitable for and aimed at authors with little or no academic publishing experience – although established and already published authors might benefit as well and are equally welcome to attend. 


  • 19 October 2023, 09:00 – 13:30 h 


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