Soil fertility

Young soils on spoil heaps are frequently characterized by reduced soil fertility. The centre is dedicated to question and further develop existing reclamation practises.

Water management and water ecology

The developing Lusatian mining lake landscape increasingly shows different problems. On the one hand large areas are overwetting due to elevated groundwater tables and on the other hand groundwater pollution endangers adjacent water systems, e.g. the Spreewald area. Specific countermeasures are urgently needed as well as preventive measures within active open cast mines.

Ecosystem development and ecosystem services

The developing Lusatian post-mining landscapes offer opportunities to observe ecosystem and landscape development starting from a clearly defined point of time. The centre, therefore, carries out multidisciplinary and long-term moinitoring programs for different parts of the post-mining landscape.

Landscape architecture and land use including use of waters

Directly related with the choice of reclamation measures is the decision for post-mining land use and land design. In addition to traditional land use options alternative opportunities are of increasing importance. Socioeconomic and legal aspects have to be considered.