CORPORATE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION (B.Sc./ Environmental and Resource Management (Universitär))

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The module gives an overview about product integrated environmental protection and environmental protection in enterprises and clean production. An integrated approach to environmental protection includes considerations of resource efficiency, minimization of energy usage, as well as safety and cleanliness of manufacturing and products. Legal requirements, international and national standards, environmental-related design rules and tools for the implementation of environmental design requirements are shown. Furthermore the students shall understand the environmental benefits of modern cycle economic and of recycling and recycling networks.

After attending the module the students will have a basic understanding of environmental management systems. Especially they should be able:

  • to understand the advantages of companies to deal with environmental issues
  • to know the legal framework of the Federal Republic of Germany and EU and its influence on companies
  • to understand and use concepts and instruments of environmental management systems
  • to understand the whole process of implementation of an environmental management system and to participate in this


  • Concepts of sustainability as guidelines for companies
  • Law, business and moral behaviour
  • Environmental law in the  European Union and Germany
  • Integrated approaches within companies
  • Evaluation tools, for example life cycle assessment, indicators for ecological performance, environmental accounting
  • Management tools and standardisation of management tools: EMAS, DIN ISO 14000
  • Implementing an environmental management system