Wind tunnels

Wind tunnels of different sizes and equipment are operated at the Centrum. These are available to members as well as for services and other chairs.

Details about the wind tunnels can be found here.

Flow Measurement

A number of classical and more modern measurement techniques are available for the measurement of mean flow velocities and their variations. Further measurement methods are being developed in the centre.

Mechanical process engineering

Mechanical process engineering uses a comprehensive range of measuring techniques for sampling and measuring aerosols and solid particles.


Flow and combustion processes are often coupled with acoustic phenomena. For the investigation of these processes several measuring systems are available in the center, among other things a microphone array.

Building diagnosis

Within the scope of dynamic building diagnosis, the Centrum offers support in various practical areas with modern analysis and measurement technology.

In the form of service performances are offered among other things:

  • Vibration measurements and evaluation
  • Evaluation of the vibration behaviour of structures
  • Identification of parameters relevant for the bearing behaviour
  • Identification of global and local damage and investigation of the influence of damage on the overall load-bearing behaviour
  • Continuous monitoring of structures