Simulation for Education

The Simulation for Education ( project website supports web-based simulation with open source technologies for science and education.

Web Engineering E-Learning Website

The website provides a collection of tutorials, books and other resources about web engineering, including web application development, web service, or web API, development, as well as Web of Things (WoT) development, with complete code examples.

Journal of Simulation Engineering

The Journal of Simulation Engineering is a new Open Access online journal that has been founded by Prof. Gerd Wagner and Dr. L. Gustavo Nardin in collaboration with Prof. Rick McKenzie from the Department of Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering, Old Dominion Unversity, Virginia, USA.

Ari123 – An Open Education Portal for Learning Arithmetic

Ari123 is an Open Education portal for learning (and teaching) arithmetics, such as multiplication facts and fractions. is a web app, so it runs on notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Teachers can create and publish their own learning units tailored to their school's curriculum or to the needs of their classes and individual students.