Reports from ERM Alumni

This page is dedicated to testimonials of old ERM students who talk about current activities after finishing the ERM course. Thanks to all contributors.

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Ingmar Lippert

In two exchange semesters at Bosporus University during and directly following the ERM Bachelor, I developed a critique of ERM based on readings in the philosophy of sciences, critical management studies and a poststructuralist critiques of the discourse of sustainable development. Subsequently, at Lancaster University, I delved into the fields of environmental sociology and science and technology studies to reposition environmental management as a practice and, therewith, as an object of study. These studies crystallised an interest in the everyday work practices of people who are paid to green companies. In my PhD (Sociology, Augsburg University, with grants from the German National Academic Foundation and the Hans-Böckler Foundation) I studied voluntary corporate carbon accounting practices in a Fortune 50 company. Subsequently I taught transdisciplinary courses of climate change and green capitalism at Tembusu College (National University of Singapore). In 2014 I started to work as an assistant professor at IT University of Copenhagen, focussing on social studies of IT systems and data practices in environmental management and governance. Contact me for guest visits at IT University.

BSc in ERM
MA in Environment, Culture and Society
PhD in Sociology


Room 3B08
Phone +45 7218 5151


Aug 2009 - present
Consultant CDM, Industry: Environmental Services

Feb 2007 - Jul 2009
Consultant CDM/JI OneCarbon, Berlin,

Jan 2006 - Jan 2007
Student assistent at Ecofys, Berlin,
Industry: Renewables & Environment

Sep 2005 - Dec 2005 (4 months)
Internship at Institute for Ecological Economy Research, Berlin,

Jan 2002 - Jun 2002 (6 months)
Internship at Glen Helen "Outdoor Education Center", Ohio (USA),
Industry: Education

Place/country of origin: Germany

Academic Degree: ERM Bachelor of Science
Semester Abroad: University of Gothenburg
Master of Arts FU Berlin: Environmental Management

Frederik Pischke

After spending the ERM semester abroad in Bolivia, I did my Bachelor Thesis with the GTZ in the same country, which I found incredibly insightful.

After graduating from ERM in 2003, I completed a Masters of Research (MRes) in Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia, UK.

In the following I worked for the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome for half a year followed by a one year engagement with the CGIAR's International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka.

In 2006 I started working at the United Nations Secretariat in New York, in the Division for Sustainable Development.

In 2008 I moved into my current position, still at the UN in New York, working for UN-Water, as an Interagency Water Advisor.

Place/country of origin: Berlin, Germany

Academic Degree: BSc ERM, then MRes Environmental Sciences

Mathias Kuemmerlen

Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum
2010 - Present

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica
B.Sc Biology course: Integrated Watershed Management
2009 - 2010

Independant Environmental Consultant
San José, Costa Rica
2009 - 2010

Environmental Consultant
Centro de Gestión Tecnológica e Informática Industrial
San José, Costa Rica

Place/country of origin: San José, Costa Rica

Academic Degree: Lic. Business, 2004
B.Sc. Biology, 2005
M.Sc. Environmental & Resource Management, 2008

Contact Details: mathias(at)

Sebastian Siegmundt

I am a product manager at Seven2one Information Systems in Karlsruhe and responsible for the Inventories and Modelling department. I conduct projects by setting up national emission inventories (mainly for environmental protection agencies), e.g. the Pollution Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) or the central emission inventory for reporting GHG emissions to the UN and other air pollutants to the UNECE. Our modelling customers calculate energy scenarios, e.g. to evaluate political measures to reduce greenhouse gases or conduct feasibility studies for renewable energies.

Place/country of origin: Germany

Academic Degree: Master of Science in Environmental and Resource Management

Contact Details: siegmundt(at)

Christian Pade

While studying the Master course in Berlin I have been working as a scientific assistant at the Institute for Ecological Economy Research, IÖW, in Berlin ( I wrote my Master's thesis within a project run at the IÖW and funded by the BMBF. The project analyzed and evaluated the trends and potentials of Biomimetics for sustainable development (technology forecasting and assessment).

After finishing my Master I continued working at the IÖW as a junior scientist for the duration of 18 months. During that time I was working in two projects on the potentials of Nanotechnologies for sustainable development.

Then I got a scholarship to do a Ph. D. in a graduate school on the risks of nanotechnology at the University of Bremen. I will work here in Bremen for at least another 2 years (topics: Technology Assessment and Risk Assessment).

Place/country of origin: Germany

Academic Degree: B. Sc. ERM, M. A. Public and Private Environmental Management (FU Berlin)

Contact Details:
Christian Pade
Bremen University
Faculty 4 "Production Engineering"
Department 10 "Technology Design and Development"
Badgasteinerstr. 1

28359 Bremen

Tel.: +49 (0)421 218 5484
Fax: +49 (0)421 218 7503