Course Structure and Content

Building on a first qualifying degree for professional practice and work experience, the Master programme teaches students how to use the related instruments and methods, preparing them to conduct scientific work, to critically assess scientific findings, as well as to independently cultivate their own scientific approaches. Existing practice-oriented expert knowledge, skills and key qualifications are deepened and broadened. The BTU actively encourages students to spend an academic semester abroad at a partner university.

The Master programme is comprised of advanced modules; there are a number of projects from which to choose:

  • History and Theory: Architectural History, Art History, Theory of Architecture, Preservation of Historic Buildings and Monuments, Building Surveys
  • Building technology: Structures, Building Construction, Building Physics, Technical Building Services
  • Art, Graphic Representation, Design: Graphic Representation, Design, CAD
  • Construction, Economy, Law: Project Management, Building Economics and Law, Construction and Planning Law
  • Urban Design: Urban Design, Landscape Design
  • Design: Design Methodology, Building Science, Residential Buildings, Public Housing, Traffic Structures, Workplaces, Urban Design, Landscape design, Building Conservation

This module gives students the opportunity select and work on realistic projects that deal with complex challenges in the focus areas, thereby prompting students to specialise in a specific topic. The disparate nature of project topics promotes and strengthens broad competencies; these options include:

  • Experiment/Design
  • Structural Design
  • Design in Light of Economic and Legal Considerations
  • Building Conservation/Preservation of Historic Buildings and Monuments
  • Urban Design

The BTU is the only German university to offer its architecture students access to fully equipped drawing workstations in a campus studio. The working areas are located in an addition to the Lecture Hall, which architecture students themselves have designed and built over the past few years. An architecture workshop was established by BTU professors to give their students the opportunity to work on practical renovation, reconstruction, and new building projects. The aim is to provide students with an insider’s view of the many facets involved in the career of an architect.