University life at the BTU

The time you spend at university is one of the nicest times of your life. However, studying and everyday student life can also be very strenuous at times. For a good balance to this as well as as recreational enjoyment, the BTU and the towns of Cottbus and Senftenberg and surrounding area offer many varied opportunities. What's more, both university towns are also very popular amongst students due to the very reasonable cost of living here.

BTU & Experience Region

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Campus life

Many student initiatives, as well as university events and services offered by the Studentenwerk, ensure a lively campus life.

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University sports offer a wide range of opportunities to keep fit and get to know new sports.

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Children and School pupils

We offer not only students, but also children and schoolchildren great and interesting offers where you can learn something.

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Social Media

The BTU is active on various social media channels and provides information for specific target groups - feel free to follow us!

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Culture and leisure

Cottbus & Senftenberg offer a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. From theatre to sports to partying, life can also be enjoyed off campus.

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Living costs

Cottbus and Senftenberg score with very reasonable rents and low living costs. All information on housing and costs can be found here.

Our values

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The BTU stands for diversity, tolerance and togetherness. Here you can find information about existing offers and opportunities for participation.

Equal Opportunities Office

Equality of all genders, equal opportunities and family orientation have for years been important cross-sectional tasks and basic principles at the same time at our young modern university.

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Environmental Management

We are working on a sustainable transformation and sustainable use of resources in all areas of our work. Sustainability is a cross-sectional issue for us.

Support for work & study

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We are a family-oriented university where employees and students with family responsibilities are welcome and supported.

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We strive for the health of our staff and students. This includes workshops on stress reduction or special gymnastics programmes.

Dual Career Paar lacht sich an

Dual Career Service

Support services for partners of executives who want to relocate to a place near the BTU.