Benefits and drawbacks of the theory for architecture

How do everyday life and the art of building as well as thing and space relate to each other in architecture? These two tensions have always been discussed in architectural theory. Now, a symposium at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU) is deliberately juxtaposing these topics in an antagonistic way.

The occasion is the 25th anniversary of the international journal on the theory of architecture "Wolkenkuckucksheim", which will hold the conference together with the Department of Art History of the BTU on May 19-20, 2022.

The symposium will be flanked by two keynote lectures: Prof. Dr. Eduard Führ, honorary professor for architectural mediation at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg as well as editor of "Wolkenkuckucksheim," will start by shedding light on the disadvantage and benefit of theory for architecture. On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Arno Lederer (Stuttgart/Berlin) will speak about the benefits and disadvantages of architecture for theory.

In addition, eight impulse lectures will deal with the four basic themes of the symposium, which will be antagonistically juxtaposed for provocation: (Building) Art or Everyday Life and Space or Thing. The symposium will conclude with a two-hour round table with Ursula Baus (Stuttgart), Adria Daraban (Cologne), Martin Düchs (St. Pölten), Sonja Hnilica (Lübeck), Alexander Stumm (Cottbus/Kassel) and Kirsten Wagner (Bielefeld).

The symposium will take place in presence in Cottbus; at the same time, the symposium will be published as a livestream.

Information about the journal:

"Wolkenkuckucksheim. Internationale Zeitschrift zur Theorie der Architektur" was founded in 1996 as an internet journal. For Wolkenkuckucksheim, theory is a method to critically question realized architecture, concepts and designs, manifestos, theses, interpretations, concepts and claims towards architecture and science. The articles are peer-reviewed anonymously. So far, 41 thematic issues have been published, all of which are available free of charge and advertising on the Internet: (ISSN 1430-3863). The last two issues are "Identifications of Postmodernity. City, Form and Identity" (issue 41) and "Medial Practices of Architectural Design" (issue 40). The sponsor of the journal is the momus|stiftung, a foundation for the promotion of the theory of architecture, architectural science, and architectural criticism.

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