Intensive program in German language, culture and mentality

79 students are currently working hard to learn German grammar and pronunciation at the Senftenberg campus. Final exams for the "Bridge to Higher Education" students from 18 countries are scheduled for mid-June.

The program Brücke zum Studium  qualifies international prospective students who already have a university entrance qualification for Germany, but do not yet have sufficient German language skills, linguistically and competence-oriented for a study at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. In addition to an intensive German language course, which concludes at the end of the program with the German Language Examination for University Admission (DSH), program modules are also offered on language practice in German (conversation and writing training), academic work at German universities(scientific work), and culture and society(Germany in Europe). Depending on language requirements, participating students attend the one-semester or the two-semester program line.

In addition, the program focuses strongly on the integration of the participating students as well as on their socialization with each other in order to help prevent possible later dropouts or changes of university. In this context, team-building approaches via shared cultural and sporting experiences as well as sustainable support play a central role. Oussama Kabbaj, program coordinator: "We go to great lengths to create a family-like study environment. A highlight of the program is the annual excursion to the mountains always at the beginning of the semester. Many of our students experience snow there for the first time in their lives. Joint torchlight hikes and sports activities strengthen the sense of community and allow participants to grow together as a group."

Liliia Kudelina from Russia is participating in the current program and says, "I really enjoyed the Brücke zum Studium program. It offers a unique opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, study the German language, culture and mentality together with them, and enjoy great experiences outside of study time." After completing the program, she plans to pursue her master's degree in computer science at BTU.

"Brücke zum Studium is not simply a program that helps ease the entry into university, but has become a brand, as it were, for a group that many prospective international students want to belong to. It has gained enormous recognition beyond Germany's borders. More than 1,600 students have already gone through the program," explains program manager Thomas Reif.

The Brücke zum Studium program was launched in the 2010/11 winter semester by the former Lausitz University of Applied Sciences (FH), the then Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus and the Wildau University of Applied Sciences (FH) as one of two successor programs to the former Landesstudienkolleg, which had been based at the University of Potsdam until then.


Thomas Reif
VP L 3 LEONARDO-Büro; Brücke zum Studium
T +49 (0) 3573 85-287

Oussama Kabbaj
VP L 3 LEONARDO-Büro; Brücke zum Studium
T +49 (0) 3573 85-728
Participants at a DSH mock examination
Program students of the Brücke zum Studium at the annual excursion to Ramsau/Hintersee.