Comenius EduMedia Award for innovative BTU project

On June 23, 2022, the Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg received the European Comenius EduMedia Award for Digital Educational Media 2022 in Berlin for a new educational game "re:construction". The app was developed by the university's Information, Communication and Media Center (IKMZ).

Under the motto "Digital Innovations in Europe", the Society for Education, Information and Media "Johann Amos Comenius" e.V. (GPI) presented the Comenius EduMedia Awards for the 27th time.

re:construction is a point-and-touch adventure game that was developed under the direction of Dr. Claudia Börner as part of the Learn&Play project (2018-2021) as a digital orientation offering. The aim is to inspire schoolchildren and first-year students for engineering problems in a playful way.

About the educational game re:construction

In a dystopian Lusatia in the year 2040, players can join a network dedicated to saving the world with their specially designed avatar. In three game scenarios, they can work on a series of application-oriented, mechanical problems according to their interests. They can access a library at any time, which includes learning videos and a glossary.

Successes and failures directly impact the state of the game world and are communicated in the form of social media posts, character dialogs, and achievements. Mistakes are treated as good learning opportunities and invite repeated trial and error through an encouraging feedback approach. The multiplayer feature also allows quizduel-style competitions to be launched. The follow-up project Teach&Play currently focuses on supporting teachers in using the app in their lessons by means of new features, additional materials and training measures.

About the award

With this award, the Society for Pedagogy, Information and Media (GPI) honors outstanding digital educational media in terms of pedagogy, content and design. This year, [number] of digital educational products from [number] European countries were submitted for a manufacturer-neutral quality check. This is because excellent digital educational media must be designed and realized according to pedagogical, didactic, aesthetic and technical criteria.

The serious game re:construction - Bring the World into Balance , which is based at the Information, Communication and Media Center (IKMZ) and funded by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture from the European Social Fund and the State of Brandenburg, was awarded the particularly coveted Comenius EduMedia Medal in the category "Computer games with competence-promoting potential" alongside [number] other projects.

......ODER: awarded a Comenius EduMedia Medal in the category "Computer games with competence-promoting potentials

For interested parties

Are you curious about the game? Then download it for free via the project website or directly from the Google Play or Apple store. Would you like to learn how to integrate digital game elements into your teaching in a didactically meaningful way? Then register for one of the ongoing training events.



Dr. phil. Claudia Börner
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Sophie Handreka
Informations-; Kommunikations- und Medienzentrum (IKMZ)
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Dr. Claudia Börner and Lukas Flagmeier at the award ceremony. Photo: Maike Mehrtens
Banner "re:construction" (Bild: BTU/IKMZ)
Screenshot from the learning game re:construction (Image: BTU/IKMZ)
Development of technical-mechanical tasks (Photo: BTU/IKMZ)