"Taking Another Look. Building Materials from the 'Trentes Glorieuses'"

Lecture by Dr Stephanie Van de Voorde (Brussels) on 15 November 2022

In her lecture, Stephanie Van de Voorde, will discuss how to renovate a building from the 1950s or 1960s properly, so as not to lose its original qualities and typical elegance, and how to assess which building materials hold opportunities for salvage and reuse. Well-informed decisions towards restoration, retrofitting or reuse require a proper understanding and assessment of the building materials. The lecture will discuss some methodological aspects related to research on 20th century building materials as well as new insights into their value from a construction history perspective. In addition, by focusing on some inherent qualities of mid-20th century building materials and techniques from an different angle, the lecture also aims to invite to explore possible opportunities for reuse.

The lecture by Dr Stephanie Van de Voorde will be held in presence in Zeichensaal, Lehrgebäude 2C at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. It can also be followed online via zoom. The link for online-participation will be available on the homepage of RTG on the day of the lecture.


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