Doubts about your studies We offer support if you have problems with your studies or are worried about exams

Every student doubts the correctness of his decisions from time to time. This is normal and often it is also helpful to question one's own situation and the decisions made. But you don't always have to throw in the towel!

It is important to reflect and analyse your own situation accurately: The Federal Ministry of Education and Research provides an online tool (unfortunately only available in German) to help students make the right decisions. The BTU's central student advisory service is also available to help you reflect on your study doubts.

The solutions are very diverse and do not necessarily have to end in dropping out of your studies. Often, small changes can help you achieve the goal of graduation after all. However, if the doubts cannot be overcome, you should look for other training alternatives and get help in time. In the following we will show you different possibilities.

Continue studying with motivation

Help for self-help. You still have the desire to successfully complete your studies, but are dissatisfied? We have listed some approaches (based on the BMBF) that can help you to overcome this dissatisfaction.

Performance problems or examination anxiety: If you have such problems, Mr. Neubert from the central student advisory service will be happy to help you. Alternatively, the Studentenwerk as well as the Stura also provide a corresponding advisory service. In addition, the BTU College offers regular learning and examination coaching.

High learning workload: Try to structure your everyday life better. Appointment calendars, to-do lists, and other tools are just a few examples that can help you better organize your studies. The Career Center regularly offers seminars on the topic of "Self and Time Management", which you as a student can take advantage of free of charge.

Motivation problems: Reconsider your expectations and remain realistic. It is important that you set yourself achievable goals and reward them afterwards. The Career Center also offers regular seminars on the topic of "self-motivation". If you have long-term motivation problems, a consultation with the central student advisory service is recommended

Financial difficulties: Besides the BAFÖG there are other possibilities of financing studies. Perhaps a student loan is an option for you or you are applying for a scholarship? You can find numerous other possibilities on the BMBF's information page.

Family problems/illness: Do other things simply require your full attention at the moment? Do you need a break to think things over? Then take a semester off! You can also get help with problem situations here again via the Stura.

Lack of prospects: You don't really know what to do with your studies in professional life? Alumni networks or discussions with students in higher semesters often help here. Look for communication and find out about career opportunities in good time. A look into professional life can also create a new perspective and thus restore motivation and fun in your studies.

Change of study

Sometimes small changes are not enough to remove doubts about studying. A complete change of scenery might be the right thing for you. There are different possibilities how such a change can look like:

Choice of study subject: You feel comfortable in the city and at the university, but the contents of your studies have somehow changed? Maybe another subject suits you better.

Choice of university form: Is your study too theoretical for you? If so, you might prefer a university of applied sciences course, for example. The BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg offers both courses of study.

Choice of university location: In addition to the subject and type of university, the surroundings also play a decisive role. If the city is too boring or perhaps too big for you, then you can consider a change of location. After all, many courses of study are also offered at other locations.

Choice of study form: Many students are often unaware that there are other forms of study besides the classic full-time study. Part-time studies can possibly be the means of choice to combine studying and bringing up children. If you also have to work alongside your studies, part-time studies would also be a sensible option for you. The BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg also offers the possibility of dual studies in some courses of study.

For further questions, please contact the central student advisory service at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.

Dropping out of university - not a final stop!

If, after thorough self-reflection and analysis of the current situation, you are convinced that dropping out is the best option for you, then there are many possibilities. You should not perceive the decision to finish your studies without a degree as a failure. Vocational training also offers attractive career opportunities. See it as an opportunity to embark on a career that really suits you and your individual situation.

The Career Advisory Service of the Cottbus Employment Agency generally serves as your first point of contact in this regard. Once a month, the Employment Agency offers appropriate personal counseling sessions via the Career Center on the central campus as well as on the BTU Senftenberg campus to discuss your individual perspectives and options.