5th Cottbus workshop

ART AND ARCHITECTURE OF THE GDR - Building and Conservation under Socialism

While the first two Cottbus workshops on art and architecture in the GDR focused on the visual arts, the third workshop in the series now directs attention to architectural practice. On the one hand, the contributions examine the concrete work and commitment of urban planners and architects in and outside the GDR as well as their integration into networks and socialist collective structures. On the other hand, they initiate a theory formation that reflects the specific creative conditions of female architects under socialism.

The workshop will take place online via webex: https://b-tu.webex.com/meet/5.CottbuserWorkshop. PROGRAM

13.00 Prof. Dr. Sylvia Claus, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg Introduction

13.15 Dr. Harald Engler, IRS Erkner Stadtwende. The fight against old town decay in the GDR and the role of planners and architects

14.00 Dipl.-Ing. Tanja Scheffler, TU Dresden Between collective structures and complex planning. Highlights on the professional work of some female architects in the GDR


15.00 h Prof. Dr. Alla Vronskaya, University of Kassel Towards a Gender Anthropology of Architectural Work

3.45 p.m. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mary Pepchinski, Berlin Agnes Heller's "The Emotional Division of Labor between the Sexes: Perspectives on Women and Socialism" (1982) and the Woman Architect in Socialism: Reflections on gendered architecture practice in the GDR (1950-1990)


Prof. Dr. phil. Sylvia Claus
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"City Architect of Neubrandenburg". Lea Grundig, 1969