chesco Contact Conference - Transfer of Agile Manufacturing Methods

On September 26 and 27, 2023, the chesco contact conference will focus on the transfer of agile manufacturing methods. Business representatives are cordially invited to exchange ideas about agile manufacturing and the potentials of knowledge transfer between research, development and business.

The Center for Hybrid Electric Systems Cottbus of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg invites you to this year's contact conference on September 26 and 27. The focus of the event is the chesco project taf "Transfer Agile Manufacturing Methods", which serves to promote structures in Lusatia. It strengthens networking with partners from the regional economy and the transfer of knowledge in the field of innovative manufacturing. During the two-day conference, chesco will present the project's opportunities for companies from the region and convey the concept of agile work and agile manufacturing in a practical manner.

In an agile way of working, processes are constantly adapted to new needs and requirements: For companies, this means being able to react quickly to changes. In contrast to traditional methods, in which work steps are firmly pre-planned, agile methods enable flexible and adaptable production. Agile companies have the significant advantage of being able to better adapt their manufacturing to current demand.

Beatrice Rich, coordinator of the conference, says: "In the context of structural change and an orientation towards sustainability, it is particularly significant for regional companies to continuously optimize manufacturing processes. Therefore, the topic of the conference is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Lusatia and neighboring regions. However, participants from existing chesco partnerships are also expected. Last year, around 100 people took part in the contact conference. We want to build on this, in particular to make our project known in the region and to further expand our cooperation network.

Tim Hentschel, Orthopedics and Rehab Team Zimmermann, adds: "The Staff Members from the individual areas took time to explain the technologies to us. With each one, we felt great interest in helping to shape our ideas and drive them forward."

In the taf project, there is the opportunity to carry out development projects in the chesco research factory and participate in workshops. Cooperation with companies begins with an exchange about the goals the company is pursuing, what challenges exist and where the potential for cooperation lies.

One example: if a company asks itself which manufacturing process is particularly suitable for a product, which material should be used or how a 3D model can be created so that it meets the requirements in the additive manufacturing process, innovative solutions can be worked out in joint development projects. At the contact conference, the Zimmermann orthopedics and rehabilitation team will share their previous experiences of cooperation with the taf project in a keynote address. The cooperation with the company is about the production of individually customized orthoses.

As part of the transworkshops, participants can try out innovative manufacturing processes in the chesco research factory. Together with the chairs and departments of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg involved in chesco, a workshop series on the topic of agile manufacturing is being developed. Interested companies can attend modules on the following focal points:

  • agile working,
  • setting up a manufacturing environment,
  • sustainable production operation,
  • production planning and
  • profitability calculation.

The topics will each be designed as two-day workshops and supplemented by a digital interaction and communication platform for exchange among participants. The 90-minute workshops offer a taste of the future continuing education series, including the topics "Additive Manufacturing" and "Agility in Factory Planning."

A special highlight of the contact conference is the guided tour of the chesco research factory on the second day of the conference. Here, interested companies can get to know the equipment of the manufacturing area with more than 100 machines and annexes. On both days, the conference offers participating companies space for networking and exchanging ideas with each other. On the first day, companies can introduce themselves to each other in a pitch round. For financial support of projects in companies, various funding opportunities will also be explained in more detail at the conference.


Anne Stabler
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Dr.-Ing. Beatrice Monique Rich
Dr.-Ing. Beatrice Rich and Hendrik Hamman from the taf project in the chesco research factory. Photo: Cottbus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Photo Goethe