We take a stand for democracy and cohesion

The BTU is committed to a democratic, tolerant and cosmopolitan Brandenburg, for a diverse and solidary society in which hatred and agitation have no place. It supports the initiative "Brandenburg shows attitude!"

"We are an international university. Many of our employees and over 40 percent of our students come from more than 120 countries around the world. Respectful interaction with one another forms the basis for a peaceful life in our society. We do not tolerate anti-human, anti-democratic, racist and discriminatory positions in any form. This is what we stand for at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU).

Alongside numerous organizations and individuals, the BTU supports the campaign "Brandenburg zeigt Haltung! For democracy and cohesion!" and calls on people to take part in large numbers.

"Brandenburg shows attitude! For democracy and cohesion!"is organized by the association Neues Potsdamer Toleranzedikt. The BTU is a member of the proWissen Potsdam association. ProWissen is a member of the association Neues Potsdamer Toleranzedikt and, following a unanimous decision by the board, also supports this appeal as the first signatory. Based on the current Correctiv research of the finding "Our democracy is under threat and it is time to take a stand", the campaign "Brandenburg shows attitude!", which BTU already supported in 2022, is being renewed.

Sign now: https://www.brandenburg-zeigt-haltung.de/

BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg has also positioned itself against xenophobia, sexism and radicalizing anti-democratic opinions in its agreement "For respectful and collegial cooperation, for conflict resolution at the workplace and place of study". It does not tolerate racist, xenophobic, sexist or anti-democratic statements, prejudices. assaults, threats or insults.

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