Dual Career Service

Dual career couples (DCC) are couples in which both, partners, have a high level of education and each pursue their own careers in science, public service or the private sector, without one Want to forego partnership or family tasks, such as raising and caring for children or caring. We look forward to seeing you as

  • newly appointed professor,

  • newly appointed junior professor,

  • Young Scientists or

  • Executive

to greet with your partner.

At the BTU, partners in particular are supported by newly appointed professors, academics and managers in the area of ​​central administration and service facilities if they have to give up their area of ​​activity due to the change of partner to the BTU. It applies to all target groups that they have not been in Cottbus for more than a year at the time they are contacted.

With its Dual Career Guideline, the BTU, as a family-oriented university, has set itself the goal of supporting dual careers and offering dual-career couples a common place to live and work. It addresses the individual needs of newly hired scientists and managers with their partners and families. Diverse pair constellations are supported in accordance with the principle of diversity. The guideline promotes the expansion of diversity and the achievement of gender equality goals, the improvement of the compatibility of family tasks with work and the equitable and family-friendly design of the university.

More information:
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