Symposium - Biotransformation by Fungal Cells or Fungal Enzymes

The Symposium

September 30th – October 2nd, 2010
Hochschule Lausitz (FH), Senftenberg, Germany

The symposium will be developed on basis of invited speakers from academia and industry. All participants are asked to actively take part by poster presentations. In the schedule sufficient time will be spent on poster
discussion. A limited number of submitted abstracts will be selected for oral presentations (15 min + 5 min).

Invited speaker presentations:

Cellulases for second generation biofuels
David B. Wilson, Cornell University, USA

Selective oxidation of steroids by fungal cells
Jens Pilling, Bayer Schering Pharma AG, Germany

Penicillin production: Improvements after genome sequencing of Penicillium chrysogenum
Marco A. van den Berg, DSM-Antiinfectives, The Netherlands

*Laccases and peroxidases for degradation or production
Taina K. Lundell, University of Helsinki, Finland

*Structure-function relationships and applications of CotA-laccase
Lígia O. Martins, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Efficient gene expression in fungi
Helmut Schwab, Graz University of Technology, Austria

* Note from September 13th, 2010: Since Taina Lundell will not participate for personal reasons, the organizers are happy to announce that Lígia Martins accepted our invitation.

Accompanying Programme

All participants are invited to join two evening events. A “mixer” will be organized on September 30th in Senftenberg. On October 1st a dinner will be offered in an old Link zu einer externen Seite castle in Sallgast. Both events are free.

We intend to offer at minimal costs two parallel excursions on October 2nd afternoon. One will show you a production plant for Link zu einer externen Seite Shii-take fruiting bodies in Hoyerswerda. Another will give you an impression about wild life coming back to Naturparadies Grünhaus, a Link zu einer externen Seite closed brown coal mining area given back to nature. We hope to show you cranes.