– Bring your idea into COLab

Starting April, feel free to come and visit us every Wednesday at Startblock B2 at the BTU Campus!

>> You have the idea and we have the technology <<

Starting April, feel free to come and visit us every Wednesday at Startblock B2 at the BTU Campus! Among other things, laser cutters, 3D printers, sewing machines and our experts will be at your disposal.

Those without a specific idea yet or just interested in the COLab or its equipment are also welcome on Wednesdays. During the, you can try out our machines and ask for advice free of charge:

  • embroidery machine - up to 500 stitches,
  • laser cutter - up to 30 minutes,
  • 3D printer and sewing machine - up to one hour each,
  • model making and electrical area - completely free of charge,
  • special materials must be brought along.

The following offers are also available as part of our

  • Join-in offer: Every Wednesday you can make various suggestions and diverse designs on your own.
  • Laser trial (4-5 p.m.): Here you can get a taste of lasercutting together with our experts without any previous knowledge and laser a small project.
  • Initial instruction (5-6 p.m.) - The initial instruction is a prerequisite for booking and independent use of the machines in the COLab hands-on area. In addition to a basic introduction to the handling of the machines in the areas of 3D printing, laser cutting, model making, photo studio and media corner, electrical and textile, there will be health and safety instructions. Afterwards you will receive an overview with the most important information, contacts, as well as the membership card* (*Those who have already received their membership card in April, but have not yet taken part in any machine instruction, will be notified by us by e-mail and will only be activated in the system after participation). Please bring your ID card to confirm your identity.Our FAQs, prices and dates can be found on our website:

    Registration for the initial briefing:

*COLab is a structural change project of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and subproject of Startup Revier EAST.

All information about the project and the events and links to our social media channels can be found at:

Please note our hygiene guidelines on site.