The following list comprises former employees of the chair, academic project staff and Postgraduates.

Asegehegn, Dr.-Ing. Teklay Weldeabzgi
Bao, Dr.-Ing. Han
Buckow, Dipl.-Ing. Benjamin
Butter, M.Sc. Emanuel
Bonkarev, Dr.-Ing. Maxim
Borowiak, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger
Challagondla, Dr.-Ing. Naresh Kumar
Choschzick, Dipl.-Ing. Stephan
Cruz Muñoz, Dr.-Ing. Miguel Angel
Engelbrecht, Dr.-Ing. Daniel
Federau, Dr.-Ing. Erik
Feige, Dipl.-Ing. Alexander
Fenske, Dr.-Ing. Stefan
Fuchs, Dipl-Ing. André
Haake, Dipl.-Ing. Matthias
Honscha, Dr.-Ing. Maik
Jenau, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank
Jende, Dipl.-Ing. Enrico
Kalimbach, Dipl.-Ing. Viktor
Karge, Dipl.-Ing. Lars
Kaßner, M.Sc. Marcel
Klarhöfer, M.Sc. Paul
Kleinschmidt, Karl-Heinz
Koch, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Maik
Kranisch, Dipl.-Ing. Christian
Krause, M.A. Kristina
Lange, Dr.-Ing. Thomas
Lehmann, Dipl.-Ing. André
Lehmann, Dipl.-Ing. Stefan F.
Lehmann, Dipl.-Ing. Stephan
Li, M.Sc. Yang
Ljiljak, M.Sc. Strahinja
Löhning, Dr.-Ing. Gunnar
Messerschmidt, M.Sc. Michael
Müller-Mienack, Dr.-Ing. Matthias
Nanewortor, Dr.-Ing. Xoese
Nickusch, Dipl.-Ing. Michael
Paulisch, Marina
Peglau, Dipl.-Ing. Matthias
Porsinger, Dr.-Ing. Tobias
Ramezani Tabar, M.Sc. Sara
Rocha, Dr. phil. Andreza
Ruge, Dipl.-Ing. Martin
Samborsky, Dr.-Ing. Michael
Scheffler, Dr.-Ing. Peter
Schneider, Dipl.-Ing. Marcel
Schulz, Christian
Schulze, Dipl.-Ing. Stephan
Shakhmatova, M.A. Khrystyna
Shalaginov, Dr.-Ing. Ievgen
Shalaginova, Dr. phil. Iryna
Stürmer, Dr.-Ing. Henryk
Uhlmann, M.SC. Paul
Venna, Dr.-Ing. Karthik Reddy
Wang, M.Sc. Zhenqi
Wilbert, Dr.-Ing. Jan P.
Xu, Dr.-Ing. Ruoyu
Ying, Dr.-Ing. Shaoqing
Zapotoczny, Dipl.-Ing. Lukasz
Zilajevs, Dr.-Ing. Vasilijs

[Last Modified: 15.06.2021]

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