Research Topics

The research focus of the Institute of Physics and its partner institutions in particular is on materials research related to semiconductor devices and functional materials. This comprises identification and characterization of new materials for future silicon-based nanotechnologies, the development and investigation of innovative semiconductor devices, as integrated sensors, on the basis of new physical concepts and/or materials as well as spectroscopic analysis of interfaces and nanostructures. Moreover, concepts for the integration of new devices into existing technology platforms (e.g. the development of integrated THz radiation sources) and questions regarding technical reliability are major issues of research at the institute of physics of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg. These experimental and applied research topics are supplemented by strong activities in theoretical physics in the field of condensed matter theory and non-linear physics. Here we are interested in strongly correlated electron systems, physical properties of interfaces in oxide heterostructures and transport in quantum semiconductor nanostructures. In the field of non-linear dynamics our research interests comprise the investigation of spatial and temporal pattern formation far from equilibrium as well as the development of numerical approaches. 

The institute is strongly involved  in the research activities of the i-campus where new sensor devices for future applications are developed. The combination of in-house fundamental research and non-university application oriented research provides a unique environment for students where they have access to high quality and modern devices and components.