Driving change with education, openness and internationality

Prof. Michael Hübner, Vice President for Research and Transfer at the BTU, explained to the Great Lusatia Round Table on November 24 at the invitation of Christine Herntier, spokesperson for the Brandenburg municipalities in the alliance and mayor of Spremberg, just how much impact the structural change projects are already having in Lusatia.

Projects such as the Center for Hybrid Electric Systems Cottbus (chesco), Energy Innovation Center Cottbus (EIZ), SpreeTecneXt, iCampus Cottbus and, significantly, the Lusatia Science Park (LSP) are proof of the close cooperation between business and science. A driver of innovation that attracts new skilled workers and talent as well as additional revenue to the region. With the LSP as an anchor point and location of excellent infrastructure for researchers, start-ups and innovative companies.

In the end, the participants agreed that all stakeholders must be open to education, internationalization and innovation in order to master the challenges ahead. The call by Dr. Christian Ehler (MEP) resonated: A constant exchange and close cooperation should not only be cultivated within the borders of Lusatia, but also with municipal colleagues from Poland and the Czech Republic.

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Participants of the Great Lusatia Round on November 24, 2023 in the Spremberg Spree Cinema.
Prof. Michael Hübner on research and innovation as a strength of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.