Projects within the Lusatia Science Park

Together with its partners, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg bundles cutting-edge research and transfer at an international level in an interdisciplinary innovation network. Four profile lines are the focus of the Lusatia Science Park: "Energy transition and decarbonization", "Health and life science", "Global change and transformation processes" and "Artificial intelligence and sensor technology". These large, interdisciplinary research topic areas link university and non-university science with the needs of business and society in structural change. The projects of the Lusatia Science Park have international appeal:

CHESCO - Center for Hybrid Electric Systems Cottbus

At the Center for Hybrid Electric Systems Cottbus, scientists are researching hybrid-electric propulsion systems. The pilot project is a contribution to achieving climate neutrality in aviation by 2050.


Als Brücke zwischen Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft entwickeln im neuen „Energie-Innovationszentrum“ (EIZ) über 70 Wissenschaftler*innen der BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg gemeinsam mit einem interdisziplinären Partnernetzwerk innovative Lösungen und Technologien für eine klimaneutrale Energieversorgung in der Lausitz und weltweit. Es besteht aus sechs vernetzten Laboren (Labs) mit eigenen thematischen Schwerpunkten.

SpreeTec neXt – Neue Fertigungstechnologien für Komponenten und Systeme der dezentralen Energietechnik

Der Partnerverbund ist innerhalb eines Korridors entlang der Spree angesiedelt, der die Lausitz und Berlin verbindet. Um am Wertschöpfungspotential neuer Zukunftstechnologien partizipieren zu können, unterstützt die Initiative SpreeTec neXt die metall- und kunststoffverarbeitenden Unternehmen der Lausitz. Im Vordergrund steht die Erforschung von klimafreundlichen grünen Prozessen zur Energiewandlung und -speicherung.

Innovation Campus Electronics and Microsensorics Cottbus - iCampus

The iCampμs is the BTU's first structural change project from the immediate program and a research cooperation with the aim of establishing products in the fields of microsensors and digitization in Lusatia together with SMEs.

LiL Land-Innovation-Lausitz

The aim is to develop Lusatia into a model region for adapting land use to climate change, for example through innovative soil melioration, sustainable cultivation systems and biomaterials, such as agricultural films of new functionality

Startup Revier EAST | Entrepreneurs and Academics, Skills and Technologies

Subproject: Creative Open Lab (COLab):A wide range of skills and technologies are available to interested parties in the region to enable them to develop business ideas and prototypes.

TurboFuelCellFuE - T-Cell

The T-Cell is the relevant energy converter of the future and is able to implement the requirements from the coal and nuclear phase-out in terms of sustainable climate policy. As a decentralized energy supplier, the T-Cell uses the existing infrastructure in a resource-oriented manner and can be operated with regeneratively produced hydrogen. Its unsurpassed efficiency directly ensures reduced pollutant emissions.

WI+R Digital Repair Factory

In a broad network with partners from the region, researchers are working on digital solutions in maintenance, servicing and repair in order to network and profile the project region across industries