Sexualized violence. How does it concern me?

Lecture on sexualized violence

Sexualized violence. You have probably asked yourself before: How does it concern me? How does it affect me when something so cruel happens to another person?

The idea that sexualized violence is an individual problem is very prevalent. The media present people affected by sexualized violence as individual victims and scandalize the (individual) perpetrator. Everyone knows that sexualized violence is 'bad', but we seem to not be able to agree what exactly sexualized violence is and is not. It is precisely this specific construction of victims and perpetrators that stands in the way of a social debate on sexualized violence and the assumption of collective responsibility. In her lecture, Jana Schäfer will address the social scaffolding that constructs different categories of victims and perpetrators and classifies them into hierarchies of compassion and attention.

The lecture will be in German.

Venue: online

The lecture takes place as part of the UN ORANGE THE WORLD 2023 days against violence against women.

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