Since its foundation in 2017, the research platform MIKOWA has developed into a place for scientific discourse and theory-practice discourse.

The focus is on application-oriented and basic theoretical analyses at the micro, meso and macro levels on:

  • Conflicts around migration, diversity and participation
  • Conflicts over migration and social inequality
  • Conflicts caused by the mobilization of (extreme) right-wing groups
  • Mobility and migration in and from authoritarian states
  • Regional structural change and conviviality

Besides our special events (see below), there are also some weekly events happening in our partner network. Please find those listed here.


MIKOWA Working Paper No. 6

Working Paper on the shift of themes of the monday demonstrations in Cottbus in 2022 - from the pandemic to the Russian war on Ukraine: „Es wäre gut, wenn Putin hier mal auskehren könnte“ - Analysen zu Mobilisierungen (extrem) rechter Akteure in Cottbus in Reaktion auf den russischen Angriffskrieg gegen die Ukraine 2022