An internship abroad - the booster for your CV

EUNICE now offers an international internship database with over 200 companies and institutions for interested students from the seven partner universities, which also include BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg.

What does the perfect CV actually look like after graduation? That depends on various parameters, of course. One thing is certain, however: experience abroad enhances the curriculum vitae. A promising option is to combine time abroad with work in a relevant field. But, finding an internship abroad is often not that easy. This is exactly where EUNICE, the European University for Customised Education, now offers a solution, namely an international internship database.

"We want to give all students from our partner universities the opportunity to do an internship in companies, research centres, non-governmental organisations and other host organisations. In this way, we can also promote and improve the relationship between the academic world and the labour market, both on a national and international level. It also gives entrepreneurs a tool to invest in future professionals", says Cristina Satriano, EUNICE project manager at the University of Catania. The interactive, multilingual portal was developed under the leadership of the Italian university.

The database already includes over 200 international companies and organisations and is constantly being expanded. EUNICE thus offers students a variety of internship opportunities as well as multidisciplinary and transnational topics for writing their theses. Applying has never been so easy! First, students choose their preferred candidate and then submit their application online. Since the internship database is not linked to mobility funding, interested students should inquire about funding opportunities at the LEONARDO-Office.

Background EUNICE

The BTU forms the alliance EUNICE (European UNIversity for Customised Education) with the University of Cantabria, the University of Catania, the University of Mons, the Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, the University of Vaasa and the Poznań University of Technology. What all the partner universities have in common is that they tend to be located away from the urban centres of their respective countries. As a result, they have similar problems in recruiting students and staff.

EUNICE aims to solve social and economic problems - both globally and locally. With a clear vision for the future, the alliance strives to achieve multiple goals: In addition to customised and flexible education, the shaping of a European identity and close cooperation with the regional economy are of great importance to the consortium. As a European University, the Alliance is funded by the EU and receives up to €5 million euros from the Erasmus+ programme and up to €2 million euros from the Horizon 2020 programme for a period of three years to implement the plans.


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The BTU is part of the alliance EUNICE. All students of this European university can use its offers, such as the new international internship database.