Open BTU: Variations and variants - "Always the same?"

A discussion concert in the chamber music hall of the rehearsal stage of the Cottbus State Theater as part of the Open BTU lecture series in the summer semester 2022.

May 25, 2022

Variations and Variants - "Always the Same?" (Attendance event!) Commented piano recital with Prof. Wolfgang Glemser.

Almost all music - and all music for piano - has to make do with only 12 different notes. Whether pop music, jazz or ancient or modern music in our cultural circle, there have been only this dozen different tones, arranged in the chromatic scale, for a little over 300 years. So the combination possibilities are limited, but very extensive. In addition to this fundamental limitation, the rules of musical composition and the desired characteristics of the music further restrict the possibilities.

In this concert we want to look at different tactics of composers to create as much variety as possible with such limited material.

We will start with two works of the 20th century, which could hardly be more opposite: Glass's Metamorphoses, which deliberately eschews development and variety, and Webern's Variations op. 27, which marks a maximum of compression/variety.

The piece Prof. Croma, a rhythmically incredibly lively toccata, by Volker Freidel, I was allowed to premiere in November 2021. It shows impressively how even today one can create interesting new music from a simple chromatic scale.

The etude 'Mazeppa' by Franz Liszt closes the first concert part and shows another facet of our theme, the strophic song. In 6 'varied' strophes, the synthesis of the greatest possible contrast and unity of work is sought.

Liszt's great B minor Sonata, which will conclude today, is developed from a small fund of themes or motifs that permeate the entire organization of this masterpiece and bring about - much more subtly and sophisticatedly - the synthesis alluded to in the context of 'Mazeppa'.

After the concert there will be a moderated exchange with Prof. Wolfgang Glemser.

Lecturer: Prof. Wolfgang Glemser, BTU, Piano and Piano Didactics Moderator: Prof. Dr. phil. Bert Greiner, BTU, Department of Violin, Didactics, Acoustics/Instrumentology

About the lecture series Open BTU

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The discussion concert will take place in presence, in thechamber music hall of the rehearsal stage center of the Cottbus State Theater (Lausitzer Straße 31, 03046 Cottbus) .

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Prof. Wolfgang Glemser. Photo: Prof. Dr. Fedor Mitschke, University of Rostock