Work tour of Franz Liszt's great piano sonata in B minor

Music lovers are invited to an extraordinary lecturer concert with Prof. Wolfgang Glemser on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, 7 p.m., in the concert hall of the Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy program in Building 7 on the Cottbus-Sachsendorf campus of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Lipezker Straße 47.

The focus will be on the great B minor Piano Sonata by Franz Liszt.In the first part of the concert evening this work is to be visited. This less with many words than with excerpts, which are played slowly or clarifying and thus taken out of the temporal frame and so can be recognized and also enjoyed as components of the whole. In the second part, the work is played in its entirety as a conventional concert experience. Admission to this concert is free.

"With this tour of the work, we want to change the perspective of the listeners a bit. The great B minor Sonata by Franz Liszt is eminently suitable for such a viewing," emphasizes Prof. Glemser, who heads the piano and piano didactics department at BTU. "For all its complexity, it is built from very simple building blocks, and these building blocks are constantly transforming, being brought into new combinations, and leading a life of their own, so to speak, in the organism of the sonata as a whole. The idea behind this concert format is borrowed from the visual arts. The most fascinating museum visits are often guided ones. When the introduction, the explanations are insightful and well delivered, they sometimes open up to us entirely new and enriching insights about works we thought we already knew."

Specialist contact

Prof. Wolfgang Glemser
Klavier und Klavierdidaktik
T +49 (0) 355 5818-910

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Ralf-Peter Witzmann
Stabsstelle Kommunikation und Marketing
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Prof. Wolfgang Glemser. Photo: BTU, Elisabeth Helm