BTU4Future Festival discusses solutions for a better future

Interested parties are invited to an open exchange on topics related to climate protection and sustainable development on Thursday and Friday, February 9 and 10, 2023, as part of the BTU4FUTURE Festival at the Cottbus Central Campus of the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU).

The transdisciplinary BTU4FUTURE Festival unites research, commitment and Cottbus culture as well as students, teachers, the city's population and all interested parties under the leadership of the University's Department of Sociology of Technology and the Environment.

In addition the chief of the specialist area Professor Dr. phil. Melanie Jaeger-Erben: "The festival is intended to make visible and strengthen the commitment to sustainability in Cottbus and Lusatia. For us, it is also an experiment: Can the BTU campus become a place where research, education and commitment to climate protection and sustainability as well as different parts of society come together? Our program is a heartfelt offer to help shape it."

The BTU4FUTURE Festival begins at 1 p.m. on Feb. 9 at the Startblock B2 startup center, Siemens-Halske-Ring 2, and at the FabLab Cottbus hands-on workshop, two minutes' walk away at Walther-Pauer-Strasse 7, and ends at 9 p.m. On February 10, it is scheduled to run from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Climate protection and sustainable development are among the central challenges facing contemporary societies. Politicians, business and civil society alike are called upon to confront the causes and consequences of climate change and to engage with the political project of sustainable development.

Together, the participants of the BTU4FUTURE festival will get active in panel discussions and do-it-yourself activities and learn about solutions for a better future. To kick things off, they will discuss with experts from the Sorbian Institute, the BTU, the Cottbus Environmental Group, and the Cottbus city administration what kind of engagement with the past and present is needed to develop visions for the future. They visit climate killer sites virtually with VR glasses or work on a cold frame and a rain bank. The "Quizlabor", known far beyond Cottbus culture, offers the opportunity to prove their knowledge on climate, nature and animal protection. The festival participants discuss with experts from the BTU and guests, among other things, sustainable value creation change, nutrition that makes everyone happy, climate change, (planetary) health and biodiversity, and social change. You will see the film "A hard road of Hope" and celebrate a festival swap party.

Festival participation is free for all.

To REGISTER or register by email to: melanie.jaeger-erben(at)

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