Scandinavian-German team under BTU leadership on expedition across Greenland's ice sheet

On July 19, the "Spurensuche 2023" team led by BTU mathematician Thomas Hitziger from the BTU Chair of Structural Mechanics and Numerical Methods will set off on a 40-day journey through southern Greenland.

Over a distance of about 700 kilometers, changes in altitude are to be determined at measuring points that have already been visited by other excursions in previous years. The "Spurensuche" project was initiated in 2002 by Berlin professor Wilfried Korth. It is a monitoring project to measure the climate-induced changes of the ice in South Greenland with geodetic and glaciological means. The association Iceploration continues this project with the expeditions "Spurensuche".

The "Spurensuche 2023" team includes four other scientists from Scandinavia who are collecting a wide variety of data on climate change. The large ice caps, such as in Greenland, are considered sensors for global climate change. The surface conditions in southern Greenland are changing dramatically as a result of the melting of the ice cap, especially in the margins: areas with meltwater lakes and streams are growing, crevasse areas are enlarging and changing, and the snow cover is becoming smaller and wetter from year to year. The new data should shed light on the mass loss of the ice glacier.

The group maintains a blog through which people can follow them on their journey:


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Scientists on the ice sheet during a previous Greenland expedition.
At fixed waypoints, ice heights will be recorded by means of kinematic measurement. In addition, other glaciological parameters such as density and ice horizon will be measured.