"Through the weekly school visits, you quickly realize whether the teaching profession is right for you."

"Teaching Degree for Primary Education" started as a new study programme at BTU in the winter semester 2023/24. 56 first-year students began their studies at Campus Senftenberg in the fall of 2023. One of them is Juliane Hohlfeld, 20 years old and in her second programme-related semester.

"During my research into teacher training, I found an article that a new teaching degree was planned at BTU," says Juliane. The new, practical concept convinced her to apply. She was accepted onto the course and moved to Senftenberg.

And what is her first impression after the first semester? "My expectations have been confirmed. The course is definitely very practical. With school internships in the first two semesters, an extensively equipped learning workshop for the individual and creative implementation of any project ideas, as well as a wide selection of school and teaching materials to try out, test and research," Juliane reports enthusiastically. However, as the study programme is brand new, not everything is running smoothly yet: "The basic concept is well thought out and the high practical relevance is also working without any problems in this first run," Juliane assesses. She adds: "There is still room for improvement in some organizational and communication aspects."

Anyone interested in studying to become a teacher at BTU has the opportunity to apply again with immediate effect: https://www.b-tu.de/studium/bewerbung/bachelor-studiengaenge

Can Juliane say for herself that she made the right decision by studying to become a teacher and becoming a teacher? "Even in the first two semesters, the weekly school visits give you a strong sense of whether teaching is the right profession for you," she says with conviction. She recommends to anyone who is still hesitating: "Either do a voluntary social year at a school or, ideally, just take the plunge and study at BTU. Only here is there this early practical relevance."

In addition to her studies, Juliane is also committed to the interests of the students: "We managed to set up a student council (FSR) in the very first semester of the new study program. I was given the role of board chairperson," she says happily. Because she is convinced: "Thanks to the FSR, but also due to the young age of the study program, there is still a lot of opportunity to help shape the study programme and adapt it to the needs and interests of the students."

The learning workshop, which was set up for the primary school teaching degree study programme, offers the ideal opportunity and equipment to implement project ideas.
Juliane in the learning workshop.
Juliane in the learning workshop.
Juliane in the learning workshop.
Workstations are also available for students in the library at Campus Senftenberg.
A break is a must: The Studentenwerk canteen offers lunch and snacks for in between.