More Efficiency in Personalized Medicine

Innovative Laboratory Tests in Multi-Parameter Diagnostics

The interdisciplinary research groups 'Image based Assays' and 'Multiplex Bead Assay' at the professorship of Multiparameter Diagnostics (Prof. Dr. Peter Schierack) are developing automated methods for examining blood, serum and cell material from the brain and spinal cord in the laboratory. The goal is the quick and safe detection of changes in the body's cells during the course of a disease. This is made possible by measuring different parameters in a single test. Multiparametric detection methods save time, money and materials and can provide the physician and patient with reliable results.

The InnoProfile Transfer Initiative 'multiplex bead assay' of Prof. Dr. Peter Schierack and Dr. Claudia Liebsch (group leader) developed a multi-parametric detection method for efficient laboratory diagnostics. The highly versatile "VideoScan" technology, which is an innovative platform for image-based multi-fluorescence detection, was jointly developed by the working group together with project partners. The platform and can be used for various assay types based on cells, microparticles or solutions. Together with the use of microparticles (beads) this forms the basis of the multi-parameter analysis.

The InnoProfile Transfer Initiative 'Image-based assays' of Prof. Dr. Peter Schierack and Dr. Stefan Roediger (group leader) are refining the further development of microparticle and microfluidic systems for use in temperature-controlled conditions (microparticle-based multiplex real-time PCR and melting curve analysis), and cell-based detection systems.

Microparticle and cell-based detection methods are combined for routine diagnostics and the life science sector. In addition, the research projects work on approaches for applied statistical bioinformatics. Researchers at the Senftenberg campus continue to focus their work on 'personalized medicine'. Close cooperation with industrial partners (Attomol GmbH, Medipan GmbH, PolyAn GmbH) ensures that new market and industry-relevant technologies continue to be researched and developed.

The InnoProfile Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports building and expansion of special technological, scientific and economic competences in East German regions. Close cooperation with industrial partners ensures that new market and industry-relevant technologies continue to be researched and developed.

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