Research Services

The Department of Research and Technology Transfer supports academics of the BTU-Senftenberg, in particular young researchers (PhD students and postdocs), with the following services for the acquisition of funding:

  • Information and advice on funding strategies and funding opportunities offered by the EU, the BMBF and the DFG for research projects.
  • This can be done individually or by way of lectures (link to lecture as a PDF file), seminars or workshops.
  • Advice on request for administrative issues (eg: required co-signatures/co-signatories, legal requirements, documents to be submitted, etc.)

EU Consultant
Dr. rer. nat. Patrick Hoffmann
Central Campus

E E-Mail patrick.hoffman(at)
T +49 35569 2938

For questions regarding the administration of external funds, you may also contact the external administration of the University (internal only). 

Furthermore, in the pre-application stage, research of the following possible funding sources may be helpful:

Technology and Innovation

Beatrix Krautz

T +49 (0) 355 69 2281 (Cottbus)
T +49 (0) 3573 85 220 (Senftenberg)