Research Services

The Unit for Research Funding supports academics of the BTU-Senftenberg, in particular young researchers (PhD students and postdocs), with the following services for the acquisition of funding:

  • Information and advice on funding strategies and funding opportunities offered by the EU, the BMBF and the DFG for research projects.
  • This can be done individually or by way of lectures, seminars or workshops.
  • Advice on request for administrative issues (eg: required co-signatures/co-signatories, legal requirements, documents to be submitted, etc.)

EU Liaison Officer
Dr. rer. nat. Patrick Hoffmann
Central Campus Cottbus
Central Administration Building, Room 310
P +49 (0) 355 69 2938

DFG Liaison Officer
Dr. rer. nat. Katrin Weise
Central Campus Cottbus
Central Administration Building, Room 309
P +49 (0) 355 69 2716

For questions regarding the administration of external funds, you may also contact the unit for external funding of the University.  The Unit coordinates the examination of applications, offers and contracts (third-party funds) and manages all public and private third-party funds.

Head of the Unit for External Funding
Ronny Reder
P +49(0) 355 69 3224
E ronny.reder(at) 

Furthermore, in the pre-application stage, research of the following possible funding sources may be helpful: