Voices of scholarship holders on the scholarship of the Lusatian Lignite Foundation

Luisa Näke scholarship holder 2020 Alumni Civil Engineering, M.Sc.

What advice do you give to interested students in the master's program?

From personal experience, I can say that the criteria initially seemed unsuitable for my course of study, but due to my interests and leisure activities, I could still identify with the call for applications and decided to submit an application.

What was your experience with the selection interview at the foundation?

The selection interview took place in the main LEAG building on one of the upper floors with a fantastic view. I waited with two other applicants from different universities, who were on before or after me. There were 6-8 foundation representatives sitting in the meeting room, who asked questions in a relaxed conversational atmosphere about stations in my curriculum vitae, plans for the future, as well as my personal opinion on the coal phase-out, climate change, etc. I was prepared in that respect.
I prepared myself in that I followed the usual dress code for job interviews and thought about my resume and plans in advance. I recommend to future applicants that you also consider other issues and come up with a clear statement and your own opinion (regardless of whether it supposedly fits into the foundation's concept).

What positive impact did the scholarship have on your studies and for your professional future?

I was very happy when I received the acceptance letter and used the scholarship to study abroad. In the process, I visited DTU (Technical University of Denmark) in Denmark and Greenland, UNIS (the university center in Svalbard) in Spitsbergen, and NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in Norway. I got to know many people from different cultures and backgrounds, which enriched me personally.