Colloquium on Technology and Science Studies

Colloquium in SoSe 23

Colloquium will take place on Fridays between 11:30 and 1 pm. 

The talks will be offered mainly by ourselves. If you would like to present part of your work, a publication in progress or a talk in preparation, you are welcome to do so in the colloquium. MA/BA work at almost any stage can also be discussed in this format. The presentation language is not necessarily English, but can be also German. 

Date PresenterTopic Type: Online
26.05.2023Anca ProdanNew Materialism and Heritage Studies 
23.06.2023Polewska, VollstedtSocial Media und Data Management (interne Session) 
30.06.2023 Viviana LoufsWhat can the good life look like in a technologically shaped performance-oriented society? 
14.07.2023Daria SolopovaGardening in the Chthulucene: Interplay of Combining and Composting 

Meeting number (access code): 2730 014 0865

Meeting password: SNsQx7qme85


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