Laboratory equipment

  • Laboratory sewage treatment plants according to DIN, sewage treatment plant on a semi-industrial scale
  • Equipment for determining the behaviour of waste water, sludge or waste (dewatering tendency, solids, water content, loss on ignition)
  • Depth sensors up to 25 m for pH value, oxygen, conductivity, temperature
  • UV/vis spectrophotometer (spectra from 200 to 800 nm)
  • Turbidimeter
  • Tensiometer
  • Rotary viscometer
  • Microscope
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter
  • chemical, physical analyses (e.g. acid/base capacity, BOD5, COD, nitrogen, phosphorus, particle size distribution)
  • Fermentation apparatus
  • Luminometry

Further analyses, e.g. in the water or wastewater sector less frequent accumulations and cations or heavy metals, can also be carried out at BTU.