Based on existing measurement/process engineering and know-how, services in research and practice can be offered for the following areas:

Wastewater treatment

  • Simulation of the degradation of different wastewater constituents on laboratory and semi-industrial scale
  • Evaluation and investigation of new cleaning processes or stages
  • Investigations into the oxygen input of sewage treatment plants

Sewerage system

  • Optimization of sewer networks and sewer structures (e.g. flow measurements, H2S measurements, reduction of extraneous water)
  • Simulation, recalculation of sewage networks/sewage systems
  • Assessment in the event of damage
  • Evaluation of odours and corrosion in the sewer system, effectiveness checks on the use of odour/corrosion reducing measures


  • Energy and operating concepts for water management plants
  • Investigation of different materials for use in urban water management
  • Concepts for the minimization of auxiliary materials, intermediate and end products and their disposal possibilities from the operation of water management plants
  • Consulting for investment decisions
  • Investment / operating cost analyses

Chemical, physical and microbiological analyses