Quality standards

The qualification and continuing education programs are competence-oriented, action-oriented and have a clear practical relevance.

  • Teachers are academically qualified, BTU lecturers or appropriately qualified external lecturers.
  • The courses are geared both to the BTU's research fields and to regional requirements.
  • The courses are of a high didactic level. The didactic approach has a critical-analytical distance to phenomena and is pluralistic in terms of theories, content, methods, and models.
  • The courses are diverse oriented and take into account the needs and requirements of the participants.
  • The offers are evaluated and constantly developed

Learning organization

Promote learning-centeredness "from teaching to learning", i.e. active, self-responsible, and collegial learning:

  • self-responsible,
  • self-organized,
  • networked,
  • digital,
  • individualized