Profile University continuing education at the ZWW

The scientific continuing education of the ZWW comprises offers that serve to maintain, deepen or supplement scientific qualifications, professional development and interest-related continuing education. It mediates between scientific findings and professional practice and, in addition to its internal impact, has a strong focus on the economic and social environment of the university. In this way, it contributes to networking with the region, but also beyond.

Organization and structure

The structure of the Centre for Continuing Education and its Scientific Advisory Board.

Quality standards

Quality is defined as the degree to which given requirements are met. These are set by the customer requirements.

Further training offers

The wide range of offers for internal and external scientific continuing education within the framework of lifelong learning.


In addition to its core business, the ZWW works on various externally funded projects for continuing scientific education.


Your contact persons regarding our offers as well as the corresponding contacts to the individual areas of the ZWW.