The master’s programme is organised in 4 semesters, over 2 years. All courses within the partner universities are modular in form and EuroAquae MSc candidates must take a total value of 120 ECTS credits over the 4 semesters to fulfil the requirements of the MSc.

The programme is organized as a pedagogic continuum:

  • The course begins in September (semester I) of each year and takes the form of formal tuition, including fieldwork, lectures, tutorials, seminars and a work-based research project which will be reported in the form of a formal dissertation.
  • Students on the EuroAquae MSc can start semester I of their studies at any of the 3 partner universities: UCZ, WUT and UPC. In semester II, all EuroAquae students attend Newcastle University. Semester III is offered only at the other 4 partner universities (UCZ, BTU, UPC & WUT), while semester IV can be undertaken in industry or at any of the partner universities.
  • In each semester, students take 30 ECTS credits.

Mobility is a fundamental concept of the programme which is used to develop and promote a common vision and professional capacity through a variety of specializations. Students must follow at least 30% (1 semester) of the curricula in a different institution from their European home institution, where they spent Semester I. The mobility is applied in semesters II, III and IV.

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