Dates of the Physics Colloquium in sommer semester 2024

The physics colloquium takes place fortnightly on Thursdays at 3.30 p.m. in the main building, room HG 0.18. You are cordially invited to attend!

DatumVortragender Titel
18. April 2024  
02. Mai 2024  
16. Mai 2024  
30. Mai 2024  
13. Juni 2024
Change of room!
VG 1C/0.01
Prof. Johannes Heitmann
Bergakademie Freiberg
"Ohmic Contact Formation and Atomic Layer Processing for Wide Band Gap Devices"
27. Juni 2024  
11. Juli 2024Debmalya Chakraborty
MPIPKS Dresden
"van Hove singularities as platforms for interaction-driven topological superconductors"
25. Juli 2024  

Dates of the Physics Colloquium in winter semester 2023/20024

The physics defence takes place fortnightly on Tuesdays, at 5.15 pm, ZHG, HS C. You are cordially invited to attend!

DateLecturer Title
October 17, 2023Prof. Dr. Faisal Alamgir
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
“Operando Study of Local Chemistry and the Induced Magnetic Transitions in Batteries using Lab-Scale X-ray Emission/Absorption Spectroscopy
November 7, 2023  
November 21, 2023Dr. Fritz Berkmann
La Sapienza, Rom
"From NIR to THz: New Materials and Applications for Infrared Plasmonics and Photonics"
December 5, 2023  
December 19, 2023  
January 9, 2024  
January 23, 2024Dr.-Ing. Maciej Wiatr
wiatec® gmbh, Dresden
"Integration of active and passive Devices into the state-of-the-art FDSOI Technology"
January 30, 2024Prof. Rui Dinis
Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal
"Distributed Multi-Antenna Systems for Joint Communications, Positioning and Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities"
February 6, 2024Mohammadreza Ghazanfari
Freie Universität Berlin
"Magic of vacancies: Non-classical electrical and magnetic characteristics in a novel class of chalcogenido metalates"